Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Starbucks-Inspired Unicorn Elote

Lead Photo: Photo by Sbossert / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Sbossert / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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When Starbucks unveiled its limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino last week, the coffee company accurately guessed that people would come out in droves for the made-for-the-‘gram drink. As customers drove up Starbucks’ sales, the folks over at Tijuana-based La Elotería had a genius idea: make the salty, buttery, and creamy snack live up to its unicorn potential.

On Tuesday – the day before the unicornlote went on sale – the elotería teased customers with a photo of a pink-and-blue creation that looked more like dessert using the caption, “Don’t miss out and discover it’s flavor.” It’s unfortunately no longer available – La Elotería only offered it for one day, where it went crazy viral – but we now know that the flavor didn’t change. It was still drenched in mayonnaise, cheese, and crema, so it’s likely pretty easy to recreate.

Or you can just live vicariously through others below:

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