Valentina Powdered Popcorn, No Thanks

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Every once in a while we need to call out something that was turned Latino without a cause. This time it happened at the grocery store when I spotted ACT II Valentina Flavored Popcorn. In my head it registered as:  Yes I like popcorn but who told you that’s what I do to it at home? -type of skeptical anger.

Could Valentina be confined to serve one dedicated purpose? We  drip her on just about anything edible  so why leave it just to popcorn to showoff? Out of loyalty to Valentina I bought myself a packet.  The hurt only grew deeper. The popcorn comes flavored with something that resembles bad chile de polvo- and then they ask you to “sprinkle the powder” over the popped corn which is intended to give it the flavor we snap with at home.

The Valentina powder comes in a sealed envelope which reads:  “ La onda es juntarnos”  translated for those curious ones on the actual bag of pop corn as lets pop up together.  Lets not.  For one, that sounds sorta illegal and two, that’s just a horrible translation of our food and then our words. Leave Valentina alone and leave the ingenuity of our hood flavors outside the bag.