Williamsburg's La Superior Is Getting a Cousin! Meet Cerveceria Havemeyer

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

There’s no reclaimed wood at La Superior. No mood lighting. There aren’t even real plates; the food arrives on plastic discs that I’m not entirely convinced aren’t frisbees. But when you serve some of the best tacos in Brooklyn – and possibly all of NYC – frills are unnecessary. And ever since Felipe Mendez’s taqueria put down roots in the vicinity of Remezcla’s HQ six years ago, it’s been perpetually packed – even with hard-to-please D.F. and West Coast taco snobs.

Which is why we’re pumped to report that La Superior is getting a cousin of sorts in the neighborhood – a cantina called Cerveceria Havemeyer. In Mendez’s words, this new venture will be:

“a hang out spot where you can eat and drink, and have even a wider range of flavors of Mexican Cuisine, new cocktails, margaritas, mezcales and a bigger selection of tequilas.”

Rumor has it the menu will include aguachiles (essentially a spicy version of ceviche using shrimp), as well as a dish called volcanes (dehydrated corn tortillas topped with cheese and meat), which Mendez calls “Mexico City drunk food.”  YUM.

We’ll be stopping by tonight for an exclusive preview before it opens to the public, so stay tuned for updates!