Win a Year’s Supply of Free Donuts at Fany Gerson’s Dough

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Fany Gerson – the Mexican pastry chef who also makes some of the city’s best paletas at La Newyorkina – opened her Bed Stuy donut shop Dough six years ago, and has since developed such a following that she had to open three other locations (14 West 19th St., a kiosk at 230 Park Ave., and 700 8th Avenue inside City Kitchen). Her giant, pillowy donuts are glazed, dusted, or drenched in a rotating menu of innovative flavors, often inspired by Latin American desserts; the current menu features flavors like hibiscus, chocolate with earl gray, and tropical chili, alongside the more traditional glazed. My personal favorite is the Dulce de Leche, which offsets the donut’s rich, creamy glaze and fluffy texture with the satisfying crunch of toasted almonds.

There’s really no bad time to eat a Dough donut. But since today is National Donut Day it’s a particularly good time to stop by – especially since Gerson is offering the chance to win a year’s supply of free donuts from either her Bed Stuy (448 Lafayette Ave.) or Flatiron (14 W 19th St) locations with the purchase of four or more. ? ? ? ?