Proof that God Loves Us: You Can Now Get Pot Tamales At Garden Grove Dispensaries

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

HIJOLEEEEE two of the best things in the world have merged to make an even better thing. By which I mean to say the ABC Cooperative dispensary in Garden Grove is apparently now selling pot tamales. According to OC Weekly, who broke the story, the ABC operators started selling the tamales due to customer demand, because obvi Mexicans are reconquistando California muahahaaa. Or because gringos love tamales. Either way.

So far, the only pot flavor is pineapple, but more will surely follow. Imagine the possibilities! Reefer Rajas. Green Chili Chief. Queso con Kilos.

Also did you notice that the sign says FREE?!?!  FREE WEED TAMALES AY DIOSITO.

The catch, of course, is that you must have medicinal marijuana card  and belong to the ABC Cooperative in order to access this amazing trove of free tree tamales. So really this is just great news for people with anxiety and cancer and glaucoma. No one else. Because no one else has medical marijuana cards. Nope.

Anyway, learn more about the ABC Cooperative here. Jappy Snacking!