Bubbling Brazilian Illustrator, Butcher Billy Pop Culture Superheroes & Villains Are Totally Geekcore

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Butcher Billy is a Curitiba-based “agency art director by day”, and kamikaze illustrator by night, who recently caught our attention thanks to his loud mash-ups of pop culture and comic art extravaganza.

“It all starts usually with drunk sketches on napkins from sleazy bars.” Said Billy about his work to an online apparel retailer that sold some of his work earlier this year. “When I happen to find any of those in my pocket, once sober, I use Adobe tools to get things done with it. I’m actually a frustrated graffiti artist, so what I do is to basically try to emulate digitally what those guys would do on walls – adding my own ideas, of course.”

With that said, B’s work sorta begins to make sense somehow. Picture a super collision of emotions that take the imagination for a wild ride through a fucked up world where the Illuminati, Heisenberg, Ian Curtis, Batman, Patti Smith, Morrissey, Billy Idol, Aquaman, Johnny Rotten, Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Renton, Flash, Hitler, Hellraiser, Gaddafi, Manson, Bush, Hellboy, Zuckerberg, Pikachu, Kim Jong-Un, and the whole Legion of Super-Villains, just go together oh-so-well…

It’s always best to interpret the experience of art on your own though. Right?

Here are some of our favorite pieces from Billy’s geeky dreamworld.

The Legion of Real Life Supervillains

Kim Jong-Un: Friend Or Foe Project

Post-Punk Dark Knight: Control & Shadowplay

The Post-Punk / New Wave Super Friends

Trainspotting: Who Needs Reasons When You've Got Hero?