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De Mí, Pa’ Tí Guide: 9 Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life

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We owe a lot to our photographers for creating entrancing visuals and capturing sentimental moments with loved ones. For this holiday season, we wanted to leverage Samsung’s technology, so we crafted a gift guide filled with Samsung and Latine-owned products perfect for your favorite photographer. Our selection of practical accessories, prints, books, and Samsung tools are sure to provide something to inspire, style, and convenience that special budding or established photographer in your life.


Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the perfect gift for the photographer who wants to be ready at a moment’s notice. With its impressive 8K Video and 108MP Resolution, S22 Ultra allows them to conveniently capture crystal-clear videos and photos anytime. Plus, improved stabilization, adaptive color contrast and Nightography expand the possibilities for any creator to capture high-quality shots. The built-in S Pen adds the ability to take notes, sketch and edit on the spot. And with a long-lasting battery* and Super-Fast Charging, they can be sure they’re always prepared to snag the perfect shot.


Kuyay Peruvian Designs Camera Strap

Founder Magali Vitale decided to create Kuyay (which means Love in Quechua) Designs to find more ways to express her love for Peru and to bring some Peruvian culture closer to her home in Los Angeles. Vitale imports accessories, like these hand-embroidered camera straps made by indigenous artisans. The color-soaked statement pieces are crafted from 100% naturally dyed Alpaca wool, cotton backing, and adjustable bronze hardware for comfort and camera carrying ease.



A stylish, high quality camera bag is likely to complete every photographer’s wish list. ARRYAN Bags by Christian Pepe is based in Santiago, Chile. The bags – praised by rave reviews – are made from water-repellent waxed canvas and leather for a minimal vintage, but timeless look. It boasts padded multi-compartment organizing, customized to fit all your equipment necessities such as laptops, cameras, lenses, battery chargers, and more. The bag’s wide straps help to disperse weight and provide durable comfortability.


Tamara Lichtenstein Prints

This Houston-based Bolivian film photographer and art director captures ethereal images of “the voyage from youth to womanhood.” Her photographs explore the subtle variations of sensuality and eroticism that command attention while examining the subject and viewer’s reflections of becoming. Lichtenstein offers a wide selection of signed and dated 8×12 high-quality prints on standard luster paper, which are sure to be a captivating focal point for any room.


Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

With Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, your favorite photographer won’t need to wait to make the special moments they captured even more special. Tab S8 Ultra has multitasking capabilities and an all-day battery* that make it perfect for life on the go. Along with a host of apps to choose from, the included S Pen allows photographers to enhance their shots with sketches and notes. The mirror and navigation displays can assist photographers’ workflow with the ability to open multiple windows for better image comparison and selection. Not to mention, with an expansive 14.6” screen, Tab S8 Ultra is perfect for showcasing a photographer’s portfolio at any moment.


Capptu Photo App

This mobile app created by Manuel Villegas and Hector León allows users to upload their photos to sell them as stock images–helping to diversify the stock-image landscape, which tends to be limited with its representation of ethnic identities and lifestyles. The app provides a no-frills direct to consumer ease for anyone interested in purchasing the rights to the image use. Inturn, photographers gain a recurring percentage of the profits for their photos from their various buyers. Capptu also has ongoing opportunities to interact with its photography community and to participate in campaigns and contests to win prizes and amplify a photographer’s work.


"Reynaldo Rivera: Provisional Notes for a Disappeared City" Book

This collection of 200 selected images from photographer Reynaldo Rivera’s work is a historic testament to L.A.’s queer nightlife during the ’80s and ’90s. Rivera captures a time and community described as “a world of cheap rent, house parties, subversive fashion, underground bands, and a handful of Latinx gay and [trans] bars.” The glamorous black and white photos serve as an archive to preserve and affirm the memory of a bustling queer community that’s since been gentrified, along with the individuals who have passed away due to violence and marginalization. Rivera’s work is a great study for documentary photographers who may be inspired to aim their lens to spotlight communities and neighborhoods nearby.


"Carretera Nacional" Book

In “Carretera Nacional,” Mexican photographer Melba Arellano captures quaint and vivid portraits that revisit her childhood memories driving along the Acapulco-Zihuatanejo National Highway. The vibrant and skilled composition in Arellano’s work makes this photo book a stand-out collection of art and documentation. The subjects invite a curiosity that exudes from Arellano’s approach to “embracing the chance to create a personal imaginarium.” This photo book inspires new wonder from old nostalgia.


"Esos Que Saben" Book

The General Penitentiary of Venezuela, colloquially known as “The PGV,” was a storied Venezuelan prison that would moonlight as a music venue, recreation center, market, and sports arena. From 2016-2018, Venezuelan photographer Oscar B. Castillo documented the prison’s Free Convict Hip-Hop collective, which according to Castillo, was formed by 12 inmates “looking to chart a new path by making rhymes around themes of non-violence, self-improvement, and redemption.” Through candid snapshots in “Esos Que Saben,” Castillo offers a nuanced portrait of the artistic outlets for inmates and surrounding communities of the PGV.



*Disclaimer*: Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 10,880mAh for Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, 9,800mAh for Galaxy Tab S8+, and 7,760mAh for Galaxy Tab S8. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

Long-lasting battery: Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Super-fast charging: Wall charger sold separately; use only Samsung approved chargers and cables. To avoid injury or damage to your device, do not use incompatible, worn or damaged batteries, chargers or cables. Supports 45W charging.