10 Fans Who Went All Out With Día De Muertos Altars Dedicated to Selena

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For many, a traditional element of Día de Muertos celebrations involves setting up altares de muertos to pay tribute to deceased family members or loved ones. The altars tend to feature an image or drawing of the muerto, as well as sugar skulls in varying sizes, soap, towels, water, flowers, and food.

Usually, these altars are very personal, customized with things the loved one liked while they were alive. But as the culture of celebrity increasingly bares the personal details of famous people’s lives to their audiences, it’s not surprising that they too have become the subjects of altares – created by fans who may only know them through the media.

Francisco Franco
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On the Latinternet, there are fewer figures as well-loved as Selena. Just this year, Selena fans petitioned MAC to get the queen of red lipstick her own beauty line, and they also got her family to put out a previously unreleased track. This level of love is why people have created their own altares de muertos for Selena.

Since altares de muertos need to be set by October 31, you still have some time to create your own Selena altars. Peep these 10 altars for inspiration:


A multi-step altar

Carlos Villarreal P

Only the best for Selenas.


An altar made by the youths

They know Selena loved her bustiers.


A simple altar

Simple, but very very accurate.


The year-round altar

Sometimes, it’s not just for Día de Muertos.


The picture-heavy altar

This is pretty legit.


The class assignment altar

Assuming that’s a medium pepperoni pizza.


This easy to recreate altar.

It’s only a few items.


The Doritos adorned altar

And what looks like purple glittery fabric.


The outdoor altar



The record-filled altar

Records for days.


The museum featured altar

via Elisa Limon


Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to add this amazing altar sent to us by a Remezcla reader that is currently featured at the Detroit Institute of Arts.