10 Amazing Domain Extensions We Didn’t Know Existed

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2015 is shaping up to be the year that the Lords of Internet Standards finally give the people what they want: black emojis and .porn domain extensions.

We thought things couldn’t get better after February’s sneak peek at the Unicode consortium’s 300 new emoji, including the racially diverse options we’ve been dreaming of.

But then today we learned that the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has added a number of generic top-level domains, or gTLDs, to its repertoire, available to the public on June 1st.

What that means in actual English is that in addition to standard .com and .net domain names, as of June 1st anyone can register websites with domain suffixes like .sucks, .porn, and .adult.

The trolling potential is overwhelming.

This prompted some exploration on our end– what other hilarious domain suffixes are out there that we didn’t know about? Here are some gems we found. If you have a couple hundred thousand dollars lying around, act now and buy these up.


Everyone’s favorite beverage is now up for grabs as a website suffix. Shockingly, the following websites don’t exist yet:


Get to bidding.


There are endless opportunities with this one – namely, the chance to snag the perfect wedding website URL (, obviously).

And if your wedded bliss doesn’t work out, it could be the suffix for your digital burn book,


Thank god .club exists, I now have the perfect URL for my forthcoming line of cozy boy/cozy girl nightlife leisurewear:


Remember when Google launched its .soy domain last year? It was met with a lot of criticism from those who didn’t understand why latinos needed to be segregated into one domain apart from the rest of the internet.

One could say the same for .latino, although it does provide a place for us to house our running list of suspected latino illuminati:


This domain suffix is the perfect way to shade enemies and frenemies. Tacking a “.lol” to the end of someone’s name is a subtle, not quite articulated insult that implies the mere mention or thought of their name is a joke to you.




There is a lot of political sabotage potential with this one. Think:



Rick Ross’s dream come true: a domain name ending in .rich.


Again, this one has 1000% burn/troll potential. Think:

  • [insertpoliticalcandidate].sex


I’m sure Alexander Wang has already purchased a domain name with this suffix, but the real prize goes to the first person to create


Finally, a home for 99% of the internet.