10 Art Pieces to Check Out at “In Service of Monsters,” the Guillermo del Toro’s Works Tribute Group Show

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A group of artists joined forces to reinterpret Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s works through a group art show. The results are mesmerizing, yet slightly unsettling pieces that make up the aptly titled show, Guillermo Del Toro: In Service of Monsters. The pieces are being showcased at Los Angeles Gallery 1988 until October 3, meaning that this is one of the last weeks that you can visit and see them IRL. In Service of Monsters was curated by Chogrin and Gary Deocampo. “Guillermo, he’s just one of those filmmakers that’s so unique… he fights for those art choices,” Chogrin said. “For this show, people see him as more than a director. He’s a true artist.”

Last November, illustrator and designer Chogrin was at the Hellboy show he helped organize when he got the idea to create a show for Del Toro. Though the works focus mostly on his movies, people obviously took creative liberties. Artist David Meng, for example, mashed up Where the Wild Things Are and The Devil’s Backbone and came up with Where Del Toro Lives. For those who aren’t in LA, you can check out all the works online here, and trust, you’ll want to. Just look at how Del Toro reacted when he checked out the show on opening night. Also, what’s happening with that girl on the right?

Check our some of the pieces created for the show below:


"Corazon Podrido" by Chogrin


"Hunting the Filthy Beast!" by El Mescalito (Arturo Lopez)


"First Encounter" by Eric Gonzalez


"Sole Mates" by Gary Deocampo


"Innocent Heart" by Javier Jimenez


"Princes of the Universe" by Jimi Martinez


"Angel de la Plata" by Juan Carlos Arenas (Robot Soda)


"Crimson Peak" by Leilani Bustamante


"Mr del Toro" by Pakoto Martinez


"Crimson peak interpretation" by Wilmer Murillo