10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Nenas Duras

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Not sure what to get your gyal for the holidays? We got you. Here are 10 ways to impress her with a gift that is anything but basic.


For the #CozyGirl

I have wholeheartedly embraced the Cozy Boy/Cozy Girl high-concept take on leisurewear, because I’m here for anything that socially sanctions wearing sweatpants to the club. This poncho dress is a summery take on the cozy look — it’s basically a giant nightgown sleepshirt that you can wear in public because it also happens to be the flyest (as you can see from writer Andie Flores pictured above, who pulls it off with panache). The dresses are created by San Antonio artist Beatriz Aguilar Murphy, range from $35-$45, and can be ordered here.


For the Lingerie Lover

Puerto Rican designer Polet Guzman makes structured, geometric lingerie inspired by the social constructs that women face throughout their lives. Her line, Muza, is filled with erotic, original takes on undergarments, like the look pictured above. They’re versatile too  — some can even be worn as outwear with a few tweaks, like this sheer floral bodysuit.


For the Sad Girl

This Mean Girls meets Mi Vida Loca mash-up sweatshirt is pretty much everything. Scoop it for your chola from LA-based line Bella Doña, which we recently featured here.


For the Sneakerhead

Solange just released her second capsule collection in collaboration with Puma, titled Wild Wonder, and its loud prints and neon colors are like abstract tropical topographies you can wear on your feet. They’re definitely on my wish-list. Shop the collection here.



For the Nail Art Nena

We all have that friend whose instagram is mainly a vehicle to showcase her elaborate manicures. If your girl’s nail art is always on point, she will definitely appreciate these amazing Selena “Como la Flor” nail art decals. 15 decals come in one set, and at only $6 you can stock up on a bunch of the options offered by online decal shop Chacha Covers, including Morrissey nail decals, Carmen Miranda nail decals and these hilarious Goya nail decals.


For the Beauty Product Junkie

Imagine a cheese of the month club, but for beauty products. That’s basically Birchbox, a $10 monthly subscription service that delivers a little box filled with samples of high-end beauty products that have been tailored for you every month. Co-founded by Mexican-American Harvard business grad Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox gives beauty junkies the chance to sample expensive products before they invest in the full-size thing. Gifting a subscription is the perfect way to make Christmas last year round, because it’s like getting a present in the mail every month.


For the Interior Decorator

Throw pillows are an easy way to freshen up the look of a room, and Society6 offers a wide range of affordable options with vibrant, contemporary prints and images. Pillows are $20 a pop, and can makeover a couch, bed, or cozy reading nook.


For the Jewelry Collector

Fililí is a handcrafted, NYC-based jewelry line from Puerto Rican designer Luiny Rivera. Her mix of contemporary and tribal-inspired pieces has garnered attention from major retailers like Urban Outfitters and Free People, and because each piece is handmade no two are exactly alike. Check out the online shop here, and keep up with Luiny’s latest pieces on her instagram.


For the Sweet Tooth

Cacao Prieto, is an artisan distillery that produces bean-to-bar chocolate made fresh daily from organic, single origin Dominican Cacao. Paired with their line of small batch, cacao-based liqueurs and rums, it’s the perfect gift for a chocolate-fiend. Shop their delicious bars here.


For the Backpacker

This Ruck backpack from Mexican brand Chula is the perfect day-to-night bag; practical but with a sophisticated textured leather touch. Scoop it for $65 from D.F.-based Naked Boutique, which ships internationally.