10 Latino-Owned Etsy Shops That Need to Be on Your Radar

Lead Photo: Photo via Exposition Goods
Photo via Exposition Goods
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Sometimes you’re on the hunt for unique, affordable pieces that you just can’t find in department stores or at national retailers. Enter Etsy. From handmade jewelry to household accessories, to vintage clothing, shoes, and more, Etsy is booming with independent artisans of all kinds. 

Since the sheer amount of products on the site can be overwhelming, we went ahead and rounded up some of our favorite Latinx-owned Etsy shops. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your super hip bruja cousin or your pooch, or even a little treat for your self, this list has something for everyone. Plus, by shopping at any of the below, you’ll be supporting independent Latinx businesses.

Check out our picks, and leave your favorite stores in the comments!


Exposition Goods

For: The Minimalist.

Austin artist James Barela makes beautiful modern ceramics with a hint of color. Choose from an array of minimalist porcelain planters, vases, pots, or drinkware, perfect for sipping some warm holiday drinks. Dreamsicle cups, $32. Shop here.


Gilded Nopal

For: The Accessories Lover

This handcrafted jewelry shop out of California has everything you need to adorn a friend’s denim jacket or earlobes with some badass flair. Hand-painted polymer clay brooch, $9. Shop here.


Muy Excited

For: The Funky Thrifter

Muy Excited is a thrifted treasure trove of forever trendy clothes, shoes, accessories, and household goods you never knew you needed. Perfect for the pattern-loving fashionista in your life. Chunky pumps, $30. Shop here.


Curandera Press

For: The Bruja

Curandera Press is a South Texas shop stocked with art, pins, and candles honoring Mexican folk figures like Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde. Explore the shop for hand-made items to aid you in your cleansing ritual, quest for love, or prayers for more cash flow. Jesus Malverde Pinback Button, $3.50. Shop here.


Nalgona Positive Shop

For: The Chingona

Nalgona Positive Shop is a go-to for Xican@, brown, indigenous body positive feminist t-shirts, posters, and stickers. By supporting the shop, you’re also supporting their community education and outreach. La Reina NPP Shirt with Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, $25. Shop here.


Luna Sangre

For: The Golden Oldies Lover

Got a friend who wishes they could transport to the 1960’s? Look no further. Luna Sangre offers a beautiful variety of handcrafted statement pieces that pay homage to culture and timeless style. No Me Toques pin, $17. Shop here.


Lambs Club

For: The Vintage Patch Lover

Part thrifted finds, part hand embroidered and customizable goods, everything in the Lambs Club shop is made with love. Take your pick of line illustrated artsy patches or denim pieces with the perfect hand sewn touch. Valentines Lovers patch, $25.


Ay Mujer

For: The Party Planner

Sister planning a wedding? Cousin with a baby shower in the near future? The family business of Ay Mujer creates gorgeous customizable papel picado for any occasion. Shop here.


Rowdy Corazon

For: The Traditional with A Twist

This shop out of Chicago makes beautiful scarves out of fabric imported from Mexico as a nod to traditional rebozos. They’ve even got custom pencils you can give to your comadre or a calaveras bandana for any pets in your life who need a good gift this time of year. Calaveras bandana, $8. Shop here.


Honorable Mentions

Here are a few gift picks we couldn’t say no to.

La Frida Zine

Illustrator Sonia Lazo created a magical full-color zine full of Frida’s famous quotes. Slip this onto your shopping list for just $15.

Custom Chola Virgin Mary

The House Thirteen can turn your favorite chola into a beautiful piece of art. Bestow this kind of high honor gifting on someone extra special. Made to order for $65.

Star Wars Han Cholo Print

Star Wars + cholo iconography? You just won the holidays. Print from The Power Cosmic for $15.