10 People to Follow on Snapchat

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Snapchat started off as the go-to sexting app, but with the addition of snap-stories, cities, and discover features, it’s become probably the most fun social media app to play on right now. Celebrities have been jumping on board left and right, and it gives you a more intimate, less curated glimpse into people’s every day lives. Sure, you can still send emoji filled nudes if that’s what you’re into, but if you follow the accounts below you might find something else to keep you up at night.

Let’s start with a refresher course:

Find friends

Snapchat doesn’t have a browse option for its users, so you need to know the person’s exact username, have them in your address book, or have a picture of the user’s Snapcode. Ours is above.

Ok refresher course over! Heres who to follow:


This is JLo’s behind the scenes Snapchat. You’ll get access to her photo shoots and day to day. Usually someone in camp JLo is doing the Snapping, but from time to time she takes over.

p.s. not sure what the “BTS” part of this handle stands for, but we hope it’s “butts”.


Singer, model, Kylie Jenner BFF, and Guam native gives you a peek into that Beverly Hills life.


Carlos PenaVega shares plenty of selfies, life with his wife Alexa PenaVega, and probably plenty of behind the scenes looks at Dancing with the Stars now that they both signed on for the new season.


Rebbeca Marie Gomez, aka Becky G, is a singer, dancer and JLo protege. You may remember her from the “We Are Mexico” track she released in the wake of Donald Trump’s offensive comments about immigrants.


If you can’t make one of her concerts Ariana Grande’s Snap-story is filled with videos of her singing and practicing for shows, plus tons of looks into her personal life. No donut sightings so far.


From Vine star to pop star it was just a matter of time before a Snap-takeover.


The Laredo loco keeps us guessing with Snap-stories that show snippets of new tracks, the latest city he’s performing in, or simply chillin in the studio.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art keeps it pretty #LOLz with their hilarious take on art.


Julz turns “Le Snap” into her personal reality TV show and gives us access to the parties she hosts around the country.


Shaun Mcbride puts everyone’s Snapchat doodles to shame with his elaborate daily drawings and creations.

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