From Nosey Tías to Dressing to Impress, Here Are 10 Spot-On Thanksgiving TikToks

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Can we all admit that spending Thanksgiving with Latine people just hits differently? Whether it’s your Dominican parents, your Puerto Rican friends, or your spouse’s entire Mexican family, Thanksgiving with Latine people is an experience to embrace — even when there are times you want to do the exact opposite.

Remember that the holiday season is a special one, so make sure to celebrate it with the people you love. And remember that going back for seconds is a necessary evil, even if your cousins are giving you looks. You know they want more of abuela’s arroz con gandules, mashed potatoes, or pernil but are pretending they don’t.

Here are a few Thanksgiving TikToks that capture the spirit of what it is to be with family in our communities.


Dressed to Impress

Every Latine family is different, but some want to look like they’re going clubbing after dinner and they’re hanging out in the living room. Be ready for anything and know that “casual” doesn’t always mean just that.


Fix Yourself a Plate to Go

Latine families make too much food for Thanksgiving. You could feed a small army with the amount of rice and beans, yams, and desserts in the kitchen. Don’t be shy when grandma tells you to take some food to go.


Encountering 'That' Family Member

With so many Latines under one roof, there’s bound to be a family member that says something backwards. We’re not telling you to stay quiet and say something, but don’t be surprised if someone else beats you to the punch.


Fighting for Food

While most Latine families make entirely too much food on Thanksgiving, at some point the food is going to run out. So, have a few fighting moves ready in case your tío tries to beat you to the last slice of pumpkin pie or to the last piece of pernil.


Asking if You've Got a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Depending on how many tías you have, you’re bound to be asked the relationship question 1,000 times during Thanksgiving. Feel free to make an official statement and let everyone know that the press conference into your personal life has been canceled.


Fur Babies Like Turkey, Too

When you’re that one person in the family who is childless, not married, and you come rolling into Thanksgiving dinner packing a chihuahua and a shih tzu? Fur babies like Thanksgiving dinner too.


"We're right around the corner."

Remember that “right around the corner” doesn’t always mean two minutes away for our communities. It could also mean that you’re still at home across town getting dressed. 


When They Comment on Your Eating

There’s always that one family member who tells you, “Estás comiendo bien!” Of course we are. Food this delicious doesn’t come around that often and we wore out cute but comfy pants.


The Panic of Not Thawing the Turkey

We all have trauma about forgetting to take out the meat our parents specifically told us to take out for dinner. That’s tripled when we forget to do it on Thanksgiving.


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Already Decorating for Christmas

If you walk into a friend’s house and they already have their Christmas tree up for Thanksgiving, don’t think it’s too weird. It’s tradition to already have some decorations up. Roll with it.