10 Ways to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

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It’s been a turbulent year in Mexican politics, and with the anniversary of the Iguala Massacre just ten days away, many people may not feel particularly joyous on this Independence Day. But even though it’s been a tough year, there are still reasons to celebrate. As Octavio Paz once pointed out in his essay El laberinto de la Soledad, it must mean something that a country as troubled as Mexico has so many epically fun parties. Parties are a space where el Mexicano can let loose; an unbridled release of our desires and feelings; a chance to let the mask drop and be real.

And if you don’t feel like partying, here are some other ways you can show your pride this Independence Day.

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Rock a Varsity Jacket From Tony Delfino

A collective of D.F.-based graphic designers, visual artists, and graffiteros, Tony Delfino makes high quality, detailed, limited edition pieces that includes t-shirts, button downs, hoodies, leather jackets, and sneakers. The entire line is deeply inspired by the culture of Mexico’s capital, and is made with all-Mexican materials. For several years now its been the brand of choice for the D.F. fresh to death set. Learn more here.

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