Graduation season is fully upon us, as evidenced by Rita Moreno’s recent commencement speech at Berklee College of Music. Though Moreno rapping her speech will go down as one of our favorite moments, in the audience of that Boston ceremony – as well as in venues across the United States – something incredible is happening: People are beating the odds. Whether they’re the first person in their family to go to college, they’re undocumented immigrants, or they have had other unsurmountable obstacles stand in their way, they made it.

For the last few weeks, Latina Rebels has collected inspirational graduation caps that highlight the struggles of Latinx graduates. And though the caps are motivational as hell, what makes them tug at your heart strings is that many Latinos don’t forget to give their parents a well-deserved shout out for all the sacrifices they made. Through Latina Rebels’ #LatinxGradCaps hashtag, we rounded up 15 of the best messages, so get your tissues ready.


"For every time I was told I couldn't."

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"For everytime I was told I couldnt. For every person who didn't want me to suceed. For every moment life turned against me. For the huge obstacles my parents and I had to overcome to get to this moment. For the many times I had to prove myself to others. For the times I had to "earned my way into spaces not meant for me". Mom and dad gracias a ustedes aprendí que es ser valiente. Que cada no, es un si que viene hacia mi. Que nunca me tengo que dar por vencida porque al final de el dia siempre tendré su apoyo. Los sacrificios que isieron por mi, nunca se los podré pagar. En muy pocos años ya no van a tener que trabajar duro porque será mi turno de ver por ustedes. Un día muy pronto ya no van a sentir él cansancio porque no lo permitiré." [email protected] #LatinxGradCaps

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"Dreams without borders."


"...I never forgot where I came from."


"This Monday, [my mother's] dream will become a reality."


"I got it all done and made honor roll all while raising my teenage brothers on my own..."


"Para mi familia"


"Me puse las pilas!"


"I've never dreamt of success..."

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Si se pudo! #LatinxGradCaps

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"I went from a high school dropout to a college graduate."


"Product of immigrants."

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#LatinxGradCaps @spicy6ix

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"Undocumented and unafraid."


"Si, se pudo."


"The quote on my cap is a saying [my mom would] always tell me to keep me motivated."


"Hella inspired by the Zapatistas..."


A bonus cap