20 Must-See Selena Murals Across the U.S. & Mexico

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Selena Quintanila-Perez would have turned 50 years old today (April 16). The Mexican-American icon has been dead longer than she was alive, and yet, her power and talent continues to live on in the hearts of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Latinos everywhere. Not only has her story produced a hit film that catapulted Jennifer Lopez into stardom, but today, there’s a second season of Selena: The Series premiering on Netflix soon, and countless brand collaborations (like the sold-out MAC collection from a few years ago) to help keep the legend alive in the minds of the community that celebrated her in her life.

The singer has been an inspiration to artists from all over the world, and has been memorialized in murals across the United States. To pay homage to the icon, here is a list of 19 murals you can visit across the U.S. and one located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, the city where she won over Mexican media in her first big press conference.

Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles

Hija de tu Madre, Los Angeles

Soul on Ice, Los Angeles

Sloe’s, Los Angeles

West Los Angeles

South Central, Los Angeles

The Americana at Brand, Glendale

Stockton, California

Phoenix, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Chicago, Illinois

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Miami, Florida

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico