30 Latino-Owned Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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“Put your money where your mouth is” is an expression for a reason; the way we spend our hard-earned cash is a way to demonstrate what we truly value and support. It’s why the city of Oakland, for example, won’t contract with any businesses working on Donald Trump’s border wall. That’s why, as the holidays roll around, we’re encouraging you to back Latino-owned businesses. It’s a simple way to show solidarity in what has been a turbulent year for communities of color.

According to a Stanford Graduate School of Business survey, Latinos created 86 percent of new businesses launched between 2007 and 2012. However, they lagged far behind non-Latino business owners in revenue. In 2012, Latinos earned $155,806, compared to non-Latinos’ $573,209. As we gear up for the holiday spending frenzy – this year, Americans may spend about $478 on gifts for family, the National Retail Federation reports) – we can channel that money right into our own communities.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 30 Latino-owned businesses you can support (and impress your loved ones with) this holiday season:


mandana blvd.

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Wicker furniture and bohemian styles define this vintage Oakland-based brand. Started by couple Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh, the furniture company will put you one step closer to the apartment of your dreams.

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Babe Comets

Babe Comets is a Brooklyn-based earring company started by an Afro-Latina designer. The beautiful colors and landscapes of Merida inspired Joan De Jesus to begin Babe Comets. The earrings, which are made for pierced and unpierced ears, are colorful and lightweight.

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Oh Comadre Candles

By day, she’s a full-time wound nurse. By night, Marcella Gómez is the one-woman force behind the thriving Oh Comadre Candles, an online shop that sells about 40 different types of candles. These aren’t your basic vanilla, lemon, or fresh linen-scented candles. Instead, Gómez makes items that speak about her experiences as a Latina. Her shop is filled with products named Lucha Libre (a black candle that smells like fresh leather and vanilla), Horchata (one that will evoke memories of the classic cinnamon-spiced drink), and Vicky’s Vapo Candle (inspired by the product that has become Latinos’ cure-all remedy).

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The Pin Mix

This Brooklyn-based shop specializes in pins that touch on everything from pop culture to your favorite hobbies.

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Sally Torres Vega

In 2008, Sally Torres Vega debuted her slow fashion line. Incorporating natural fibers and sculpture-like silhouettes, the Puerto Rican brand will fill your closet with cozy separates.

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Cha Cha Covers

If they can fit on your nail, then chances are Cha Cha Covers has a nail wrap for it. Ana Guajardo runs the flourishing shop, which features so many of your favorite pop culture moments.

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Young Ultra

Cop fresh graphic tees and long sleeves from this Mexico City-based line.

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Journalist-turned-illustrator Emerald Pellot’s GRL TRBL is dedicated to empowering women. As an Afro Latina of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, her art, which she describes as “kitschy,” is all about uplifting women of color. Using politics and pop culture as a reference – Congresswoman Maxine Waters, The Craft, and Beyoncé – she spreads feminist messages.

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The Hood Witch

The Hoodwitch is all about providing “everyday magic for the modern mystic.”

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Yaocihuatl Organic

Photo via Yaocihuatl Organic

Made with organic and vegan products, Yaocihuatl is inspired by ancient natural beauty traditions. With items like the Winter Rescue Face Cream and Glowing Sugar Face Scrub, this shop carries items to give your skin some TLC year round.

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