25 Gifts $25 and Under to Impress Everyone in Your Life

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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The holiday season can take a toll on your wallet. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans may spend about $478 on gifts for the family, and a few hundred more on top of that when you add in friends, coworkers, and others. But, as the old adage “it’s the thought that counts” reminds us, you don’t need something flashy to impress your loved ones.

With that in mind, we scoured the internet for 25 gifts $25 and under – all sold by Latino-owned shops and some you’ll want to keep for yourself.


Brown Badass Bonita Journal

Image via Kim B. Janes

Encourage someone to write their hopes and dreams for the new year in this “Brown Badass Bonita” journal.

$14.99, buy here.


The Creator Tee

Image via Word Agency

Angela Carrasco and Zoila Darton created this powerful shirt, which says woman in nine different languages. 25 percent of the sales go toward Planned Parenthood.

$25, buy here.


Échale Ganas Mija Calendar

Image via Very That

This calendar doubles as an inspirational poster.

$10.50, buy here.


Crochet Cactus

Image via Ahliyah Crafts

For those who don’t have a green thumb, here’s a plant that is truly indestructible.

$10, buy here.


Pom Pom Earrings

Image via Babe Comets

These super lightweight earrings make an impact and are wallet friendly.

$15, buy here.



Image via 2’s.daze

Pug-loving, perreo enthusiasts will appreciate this tee.

$25, buy here.


Payaso Paleta Pin

Image via G. Soto Designs

It’s practically impossible to get a perfect payaso, unless you purchase this pin.

$9.99, buy here.



Courtesy of Not a Cult Media

Yesika Salgado’s debut book, Corazon, is making waves on the internet. The poems touch on love in all its different stages.

$15, buy here.


Selena Wooden Pin

Image via Cotton & Skulls Company

This unique Selena pin features La Reina’s signature.

$11, buy here.


'Fuck Columbus' Tee

Image via Salsa for President

This understated tee delivers a powerful message.

$22, buy here.


Rosa Eterna Pin

Image via Rose Pink Moon

These twin pins can be a gift for one of your stylish friends, or can even serve like a grown-up version of those BFF heart necklaces.

$20, buy here.


'The Life Of/La Vida de Celia'

Image via Lil’ Libros

This book will open a child’s world up to the life of Celia Cruz.

$9.99, buy here.


Central American Canvas Bag

Image via Dichos de un Bicho

These bags show off the beauty of the Central American isthmus.

$20, buy here.


Fingers Crossed Enamel Pins

Image via Eradura

Here’s a simple way to wish someone luck in the new year.

$12, buy here.


Galaxy Princess Poster

Image via Zahira Kelly

This beautiful print will make any room a million times better.

$20.50, buy here.


Immigrants We Get the Job Done Fridge Magnet

The Salvaged Sawhorse

Inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit Broadway shot, Hamilton, this fridge magnet will remind your loved ones where they came from.

$9, buy here.


'Purple Rain' Vela

Image via Pow Moments

An iconic candle for an icon.

$14.99, buy here.


Amargada Tote

Image via Somar ATX

This gift is for those who wear the word amargada like a badge of honor.

$19.99, buy here.


St. Sucia's 'Mi Cuerpo, Mi Futuro'

Image via St. Sucia

This issue of St. Sucia talks about female reproductive rights, centering the experiences of Latinas.

$7, buy here.


Unicorn Magic Bandana

Image via Rowdy Corazon

Because even your pet deserves to look fly.

$8, buy here.


Rich Girl Lipstick

Image via Chaos Makeup

Chaos Makeup’s Rich Girl lipstick is a makeup lover’s dream.

$16, buy here.


Bride of Frankenstein Pouch

Image via Angel City Arts

This Bride of Frankenstein pouch is perfect for anyone who strives to be more organized.

$10, buy here.


El Luchador Laptop Decal

Image via Amano Seattle

Help one of your friends give their laptop a little bit of personality.

$5, buy here.


Revolutionary Love Notes: Sandra Cisneros

Illustration by Angélica Becerra

Gift this print to anyone looking to make big moves in 2018.

$20, buy here.


El Corazón Print

Image via Collette Marie Shop

Because one can’t own too much art.

$15, buy here.