3 Can’t Miss Art Exhibits This Week

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Welcome to Remezcla’s weekly guide to Latin art openings in your city each week. Mingle with art admirers, collectors and casual passersby to check out these new works. And don’t forget to grab a free glass of wine…or three.

New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America

This exhibit explores the creations formed out of relationships between local artists, artisans and designers and small manufacturing companies in various Latin American countries. The curatorial vision is fascinating and explores unstudied collaborative trends. The show encompasses a wide range of design–from fine art to utilitarian designs. Furniture made from upcycled or repurposed materials, such as a chair riddled with bullet holes or a lamp made with hairbrushes, are created by artists with a social critique in mind. Designs by non-artists are also included, such as the series Architecture of Necessity by artist Ernesto Oroza who photographed the non-traditional usage of objects to make structures that provide constructive solutions. The show opens tomorrow November 4th and will be on view until April 6th.

Museum of Art and Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019


A collection of artists showing work with the common theme of migration is on view at Claire Oliver gallery in Chelsea. A digital print of a moth on watercolor paper is the main thumbnail photo for this exhibition. Many contemporary Latin American artists use a similar image of a monarch butterfly as the symbol for migration given the monarch’s migrational flight to and from the south and northern parts of the Americas. While there are no Latin American artists in this show, it might be interesting to see the various perspectives of a topic elaborated through art that the Latin American community knows well. Artists in the show include Kiki Smith, Xu Bing, Ann Hamilton, Oliver Herring, Peer Bode, Joseph Scheer, and Eric Souther. The show will be up through December 6th.

Claire Oliver
513 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001

Andres Carranza: Territorial Markings

Costa Rican artist Andres Carranza has a show in LES about the “pure performative act of painting.” The entire gallery cube will become Carranza’s canvas for 2 weeks while he paints at his whim anywhere within the space described as his territory. While painting, the public will be invited to enter atop and betwixt all painted edges, and dinner events will even be held in the gallery. Then, on November 21st, the canvases that have lined the cube will be cut, stretched and presented in a more traditional manner as remnants of a two-week long performance. Come visit the cube in canvas form while it’s being transformed. Your presence can be part of a work of art.

Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert
33 Orchard
New York, NY