4 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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It’s easy to lose yourself down the Instagram rabbit hole with all the motivational phrases, beautiful celebrity selfies, and food pictures available. But sometimes you just want to check out the best that Instagram has to offer, which is why we have rounded up a small collection of talented Latinos doing interesting things on the social media site.

From an actor-turned-photog to a man documenting the music scene through the world’s street artists, here are four accounts you should check out.

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Argentine visual artist Elisa Insua’s Instagram shows off her meticulously crafted creations. Using discarded items like toys, kid’s jewelry, keys, and containers, and transforms them into art.

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Her work aims to look at our culture of consumerism and excess. She told AJ+, “My artwork is a lot about accumulation…I worked with all kind of materials and its use, the images are always symbols of power, money, consumer society and is also a lot about success and a lot about how we wish to be remembered in history.”



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Moises Arias rose to fame as resident bully Rico in Hannah Montana; nowadays, the 21-year-old is known for his friendship with Jaden and the rest of the Smiths. Recently, he’s been acknowledged for his photography skills. With his almost entirely black-and-white Instagram account, Moises captures young Hollywood through his everyday interactions.

His Instagram account may just be a small peak into the lives of the famous, but you’ll see some gems on there, like the time North West had a Coachella-themed birthday.



StreetMusicMap, an Instagram account curated by Brazilian Daniel Bacchieri, looks at the street performers across the world. Though Bacchieri first starting documenting the artists he encountered, he didn’t start this account until after his friends were inspired to send him videos.

Now, people all over the world send him the videos that he curates, but the point of the Instagram remains the same. “The page aims to expand exchanges between musicians, fans and music lovers in general and also become a vehicle for communication on the worldwide panorama of street musicians,” he said.



Graphic designer, art director, and illustrator Susan Blasco puts all her skills to use in her Instagram account. She uses mostly antique photos, which she cuts up or mixes with other elements – like shells, keys, and clothespins – to create something new.


Though she lives in Europe, Susan’s images have been sent to her from friends in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and New York.