5 Absurd Political Ads from Mexico’s Legislative Campaign Season

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With local elections in Mexico slightly more than a month away, the number of ridiculous campaign ads is kicking up a notch. Amongst the scores of unlikely candidates, though, a few have stood out as really, truly extra.

Below, please find a selection of candidates who are willing to dance to Pharrell, don botas picudas, and sing to score that vote. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

PAN Candidate Diego Leyva, for Guanajuato's District 1

Well, if there was any doubt about the mainstream reach of tribal music I think we’ve put it to rest at this point. Diego Leyva, a candidate for one of the main right wing political parties in México, PAN, has jumped on the genre.

Antonio Tarek for Diputado of Cosomaloapan's District 17

Antonio Tarek probably didn’t get the memo that at this point we’ve heard Pharrell’s “Happy” so many times it makes us want to punch someone. Everyone in this video does look pretty happy though. Shout out to the random women in bikinis he decided to throw in there, classy move.

PRI candidate, Noé Bernardino for Diputado of Distrito de Apatzingan

PRI candidate Noé Bernardino also jumps on the song cover bandwagon, with his rendition of Cochi Cortes’ “Toma que Toma.” The lady who is multitasking sweeping with cumbia dancing is my hero.

PAN Candidate Jorge Luis Preciado for Governor of Colima

I can’t really think of anything that would enrage Calle 13’s René Pérez Joglar more than knowing his song was being used by a right-wing candidate for a campaign ad.

Jaime Rodríguez, Independent candidate for Governor of Nuevo Leon

For starters, the production values on this one are clearly in a different league. Independent candidate for Nuevo León, Jaime Rodriguez  a.k.a “El Bronco”, stands out not just for his artful campaign spots, but also because of his work fighting against narco groups like “Los Zetas.”