6 Latina-Owned Jewelry Stores Where You Can Cop Accessories This Fall

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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While the summertime is coming to an end, there’s always the promise of chillier days that require more and more layers to adorn our bodies. Although the added articles of clothing can make you look like a human burrito, accessories can always provide the extra glam to turn that 5-year-old washed out coat into a brand-new look. You can support Latino-owned businesses this fall by shopping jewelry that, not only fills the pocket of our community, but allow you to wear your Latinx identity as well.

From bamboo earrings to pendant necklaces, here are five stores you can visit to get your fall bling.

Hija de tu Madre

Hija de tu madre is a female-owned online store that celebrates Latina heritage in all of its pieces. The brand is mostly known for its bedazzled jean jackets, but its nameplate necklaces and hoop earrings are also worth copping.

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Índigo is an online jewelry store from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The brand is well-known for its pendant necklaces that are perfect for layering over your turtleneck.

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Alma de Valentina

Bamboo earrings are a classic staple of our community, so it’s no surprise that Etsy shop Alma de Valentina reworked them with metal flowers. The shop is also has some cute AF cross necklaces.

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New York City-based Luni is big on minimalist jewelry. The shop sells moon-shaped earrings and sun-themed necklaces in silver and gold.

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Viva las Calaveras

Viva las Calaveras is a Los Angeles-based Etsy and IRL shop that injects Mexican heritage into its pieces. The owner credits her abuela as a major source of inspiration. The store is big on concha-themed jewelry, drop earrings covered in colorful ceramic flowers, and nopales-themed earrings.

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Candy's Kloset

Based in California, Candy’s Kloset is a social media fave creating engraved cuff bracelets that say phrases like “malcriada,” “chingona,” and “poderosa.” The Etsy shop is also known for its keychains and engraved necklaces.

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