5 Must Have Collectibles for Frida Kahlo Fanatics

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Although she died more than 60 years ago, Frida Kahlo’s icon status seems to only grow stronger with every passing year. In 2015 alone, a collection of her love letters sold at Sotheby’s for $137,000, her Casa Azul garden has been reimagined in a blockbuster exhibition at the New York Botanical Gardens, and never-before-seen photos of her wardrobe and personal objects have received press around the world. It’s no wonder the New York Times thinks “Frida Kahlo is Having a Moment,” noting that “in under two decades, aided by a well-regarded biography and a soapy biopic, Kahlo had undergone transformation from a compelling cult figure to a universally recognized symbol of artistic triumph and feminist struggle.”

The cult of personality that surrounds Kahlo has also proven a boon to designers, who have emblazoned Frida’s image on everything from t-shirts to keychains, shopping bags, skincare products, watches, a special edition pair of Converse high-top sneakers, and even a Valentino resort collection. This has raised questions about how artists and their work – especially dead artists and their work – are appropriated for ends which the artist might not have supported. Some scholars and artists have even suggested that Kahlo’s popularity has diminished her standing in academia by relegating her to a kitschy pop symbol.

But we think it’s a little more complicated than that. After all, the ubiquity of a proto-feminist artist who played with the fluidity of gender and proudly represented indigenous Mexican culture, can’t be a bad thing for pop culture, can it?

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite items paying homage to the artist, for Frida Fanatics to scoop up.


Frida Black Leather Bag

This bag, from Etsy shop NeroliHandBags, gives the studded bucket bag silhoutte that Alexander Wang made so popular with their Diego bag a fly unibrow update.  The purse is handmade with Italian cowhide leather and brass hardware, and at $143.05 is a mere fraction of the cost of its designer counterpart.


Saint Frida Pins

Saint Frida has become one of our favorite instagram accounts – a compendium of all Frida-inspired art and apparel. They got into the accessories game themselves with a collection of amazingly detailed Frida pins, which you can scoop for $20 at their Big Cartel store here. Do it quick, the pins are limited edition and there aren’t many left.


Frida Con Rolos Print

Our homie lontaim Tony Peralta of the Peralta Project debuted this Frida con Rolos print a few weeks ago and immediately sold them all out. But demand was so high that he’ll be issuing another run soon, so keep an eye on his instagram, where he announces impending sales (and occasionally takes product requests if you’re lucky).


My Little Frida Kahlo

Mari Kasurinen is a Finland-based artist whose “My Little Pop Icons” series reimagines My Little Pony toys as famous pop culture figures.  The sculptures are up for sale on her website here.


Frida Nail Decals

Can WAH Nails do this? I think not. Added bonus: these are only $6!! Get them here.