5 Reasons Sophie Cruz Would Be a Better Presidential Candidate Than Pretty Much Anyone Else

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We, and many people on social media, were rightfully swept up by the precocious 5-year-old girl who managed to get a brief meeting with the pope during his visit to Washington D.C. After being on the wrong side of the barricades, she was chased down by the pope’s detail, but when he spotted her, he asked her to come forward. She then handed him a touching letter asking him to help immigrants in the United States, and she also drew something for him that is incredibly deep.

Then, we heard her speak, and it basically made us wish that the Constitution was amended so a 6-year-old (her age next year) could become president. Here are 5 reasons Sophie is better presidential candidate than anyone:


She's media trained.

Sophie Cruz, la niña hispana que paralizó la caravana papal en Washington, nos lee la carta que le entregó al papa…

Posted by Univision Noticias on Wednesday, September 23, 2015


She’s 5, and somehow, she’s able to keep it together in front of cameras better than some of the actual presidential candidates. You just know there’s no way she’d get out there and speak nonsense, like Donald Trump.


We're ready for a female president. Of color.
After 44 male presidents, we’re ready for a female president. #girlpower


She's dedicated her whole life to activism.

She’s out there trying to affect change at 5 years old. Inspired by the fear that her parents may be deported, Sophie is knowledgeable on ICE, DAPA and how important immigrants are to the country. Bonus: She’s too young to have been corrupted.


She'll fight for Latinos.

She gets them. She is them. And as it continues to be reported, you can’t win the 2016 election without Latinos.


Her hair isn't hiding nefarious secrets.

Because who knows what Trump’s hiding under that mess.