5 Telenovela Performances More Convincing Than Angélica Rivera’s ‘La Casa Blanca’ Statement

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Angélica Rivera, former telenovela actress and current First Lady of Mexico, released a video statement today to clear up the ethics questions raised by her purchase of a $7 million mansion built and owned by the same Mexican company that was awarded a $3.7 billion contract to build Mexico’s first high-speed rail (a contract that was rescinded after allegations of a conflict-of-interest began to surface).

Both her smarmy delivery and the implausibility of her explanation in the video below made the internet immediately explode with memes at her expense, many of which referenced her starring turn as ‘La Gaviota’ in the novela Destilando Amor.

We have to admit, this statement is not her strongest work. Here are five telenovela performances that were more convincing than this speech (GIFS via Buzzfeed):


Erik Estrada


Bibi Gaytan


Laura Zapata


Fernando Colunga


Michele Vieth