5 Times Laura Bozzo’s Talk Show Was the Most Insane Hot Mess on TV

Lead Photo: Iván Stephens
Iván Stephens
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Laura Bozzo was the topic of conversation last month when her TV show put her at risk of being kicked out of Mexico. That moment divided people into #LauraBozzoteOdiamos and #LauraBozzMexicoteApoya teams. Now, the talk show host is back in the news after she begged Hillary Clinton to give her a visa into the United States. On Suelta La Sopa, Bozzo directly talked to Clinton and tried to appeal to her maternal instincts. “I am directing this message to Hillary Clinton – who is also a mom, who knows how much work it is and how it hurts to be separated from your child – to evaluate my case. Hopefully, she’ll give me a visa,” she said.

Bozzo is not allowed into the U.S. after being accused of taking money from Alberto Fujimori’s government in her native Peru. Her requests for visas have been rejected ever since. She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to live in the United States; she simply wants to visit her daughter. In case Bozzo hasn’t noticed, Clinton doesn’t have any visas to give out. She’s also currently a little busy running her presidential campaign.

This isn’t the first time Bozzo has done something ridiculous; she has built her whole career out of insane moments. Take a look at five other WTF moments from her past:


A secret family episode ended up being more complicated than you can imagine.

Laura starts by bitching out a box of ashes, asking how it’s possible that he could cheat on his wife of 20-something years. Then, Laura says she can bring the dead back to life, as the dramatic-ass music playing gets louder. Dude walks in saying he never died. He just lost his memory, which is why he doesn’t know anyone on the stage.

The worst, but I could not stop watching.


The mom-in-law vs. son-in-law episode had Bozzo at her most natural.

A guest gets a little too close to Laura, and she yells “don’t grab my tit.” Lol. The lady was performing a cleanse on Laura, FYI.


Here's that one time she went kinda psycho.

She went off on this one woman, like way more than a talk show host should be allowed to and said some variation of “Bitch, I’m going to kill you.”


Rocio Sanchez?

A guest ends up mistakenly calling Laura “Rocio”, and she got so pissed she tried to kick him out. Her anger wasn’t completely unfounded since her name WAS on a huge screen behind them, though he said he just misspoke and was not referring to host Rocio Sanchez. Laura replies by saying that the name Rocio gives her a stomachache, throwing some major shade at Rocio Sanchez.


This is her idea of helping women.

Slut shame, much?