The season of ugly Christmas sweaters is officially upon us. As tacky, loud, Christmas-themed sweaters fill our feeds, you might feel the urge obtain one of your own. That’s why we scoured the internet to find pullovers that fit the bill. Here are 5 sweaters that are equal parts festive and dope.


Walter Mercado Feliz Navidad

Image via Peralta Project

Peralta Project delivers holiday cheer through this red Walter Mercado sweater, complete with our favorite astrologers catchphrase.

$45, buy here.



Chikle’s Resist sweater synopsizes 2017 accurately.

$20, buy here.


Queen Feliz Navidad

Image via Magic Mood Art

This Selena-themed Christmas sweater is so cute you’ll want to wear it year round.

$45, buy here.


Frida Feliz Navidad

Image via Magic Mood Art

Magic Mood Art also created this equally amazing Frida navidad sweater.

$45, buy here.


Selena in a Snow Globe

Printed Apparel’s holiday sweater features La Reina in her famed purple jumpsuit. Instantly iconic.

$30, buy here.