6 Latine Brands That Capture the Coquette Aesthetic

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Coquette is officially everywhere, and Latine brands are no exception. The true girls’ girl aesthetic is famous for its feminine bows, pastel pinks, and delicate lace. You might think the trend has run its course, but with Valentine’s Day here and spring around the corner, there’s no better time to be as girly as your heart desires. Lucky for us and our flirty ways, there are plenty of Latine-owned fashion and beauty brands with coquette aesthetics. 

Whether it’s a Tik Tok-viral pink lip oil or a pastel-colored lingerie set, here are our six Latine-owned brands that just scream coqueteo — and take note partners, these would also make amazing romantic gifts! 



If you ask us, Alma and her brand ALMAMI might as well have invented the coquette aesthetic. Based in la Ciudad De México, ALMAMI’s custom-made catalog is filled to the brim with frills, bows, and lace. 

Learn more about ALMAMI here.


Boss Up Cosmetics

Founded by Aaliyah Arnold, this Black and Latina-owned makeup brand is “championing diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry.” It’s very well-known on TikTok for its color-changing lip oils, glitter glosses, and pink packaging. 

Learn more about Boss Up Cosmetics here.


Ella Loca

Inspired by Chicanx culture and based in New Mexico, Ella Loca is a fashion brand that offers unique feminine pieces mixed with camo print, clown imagery, and religious references. And don’t forget the lace.

Learn more about Ella Loca here.


Bailey Prado

Bailey Prado is a Latina-owned luxury fashion brand that offers custom crochet orders and vintage, second-hand styles. Inspired by the strong women in Prado’s family, the brand’s aesthetic has Y2K and coquette elements with some beloved camp details.  

Learn more about Bailey Prado here.



Voight is a women, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ led lingerie and apparel brand. This Miami-based brand features a wide array of pastel bras, cute tops, and pastel dresses that were practically plucked straight out of our coquette dreams. 

Learn more about Voight here.



Persona The Shop

This Latina-owned and LA-based boutique founded by Jasmine Maldonado offers everything from chic-cool coats to pink-and-cute dresses. They’re not just a store though, they’re well-known in the West Adams neighborhood for their community-centric events. 

Learn more about Persona The Shop here.