7 Iconic ‘Rebelde’ Moments We’d Love To Relive When the Reboot Hits Netflix

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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The buzz on the upcoming Rebelde reboot is real—it’s quickly being highly anticipated, whether it’s through negative comments expressing disapproval or fans dissecting what they wish to see on release day on January 5, 2022. Now, if you’re a hardcore fan since 2004, there are certain epic moments that have lived, as they say, rent-free for almost two decades now in our collective minds. How can you forget certain fashionable moments or those cheesy, stereotypical character plotlines that we end up obsessing over?

While we don’t have a full-on season trailer yet, we do have some clips to work with. The latest teaser starts off with a quick cover of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time,” then it leads to one of the original characters, Celina Ferrer (Estefania Villarreal) welcoming the school to a Battle of the Bands. Even though that plotline is overplayed in these types of acting and musical crossover shows, it’s great to see it hosted by a familiar face. Villarreal is to play Elite Way School’s director now, so here’s to hoping other original characters make similar cameos throughout the season! 

Other recent clips include the new characters being introduced and described by the use of emojis to give a glimpse of their personality. Which honestly is enough for us to speculate who’s playing what type of character. So, what’s to come? Here are seven unforgettable moments that we are hoping to make a comeback in the upcoming reboot. 

Mia Colucci’s forehead star

Make fun of it all you want, but you know the colorful star under her long bangs was a staple back in the day. Mia is known as one of the most fantasy-driven, wishful, romantic characters in the original series, who also happened to be the most spoiled—but in an almost cute and noble way. Solely based on the quick teasers, I’d save the forehead star for the reboot’s character Jana. I mean, she’s already got the bangs!

The rich, problematic Roberta-inspired character

Can’t miss out on the outspoken character that can get away with anything because of their sass and wealth. I am predicting a similar type of character plotline for the reboot’s Emilia. We shall see…

The “Sálvame” pink cowboy hat

The iconic music video in the snow where Mia sings their 2004’s hit single “Sálvame” in a pink cowboy hat—whew, where to begin? At the time, RBD’s third single was the most emotional break-up song in existence, especially for a group of high schoolers. And while the song was a hit and is now a karaoke staple, the pink cowboy hat’s legacy lives on today. The look captivated the fanbase then and it’s still one of the fans’ favorite go-to fashion moments. Let’s hope someone in the new series gives it a nod!

Neon-color hair strands

Let’s be very specific: we’re talking about the neon-colored hair strands, and not the original Roberta emo-skunk fade she had in the first episodes. No offense to Roberta, but some trends should be left in the past. In fact, we’d like to see the neon-colored hair that Rebelde’s original character Giovanni’s character would pull off. I could see the reboot’s character Dixon experimenting with it.

The cellphone clipped to Mia's boot

When you’re on the go, you’re on the go. It doesn’t matter if your cell phone isn’t in your pocket, alright? Yes, there’s a long, sexist history of women’s clothing not having pockets, but in the true spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, Mia gave us an iconic fashion moment that makes us long after flip phones.

La logia

There are always the group of spoiled rich students that hate to see the lower-income students thrive. We want to see this come to play in the reboot, and how it would unfold in this era. Would it be the same type of snobs, or maybe a two-faced type of character plot twist?

The colorful bracelets

This trend was so popular in the mid-aughts, especially in Mexico City. We still see merchant stands all over Latin America selling these types of threaded and beaded bracelets that look so bohemian stacked up. Will they make a comeback? We certainly hope so.