7 Latina-Owned Lip Products You Need to Add to Your Collection

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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For many Latinas, including trans and non-binary femmes, cosmetic lip products have played a significant role in traditional beauty routines. Wearing red lipstick, in particular, has been an influential heritage from our abuelas, moms, and tías, as well as historical artists such as Selena Quintanilla, Celia Cruz, and Frida Kahlo, to express confidence and femininity. 

Currently, Latinas in politics, like AOC., continue to wear bold red-lip statements as a way to assert our presence within spaces that have historically excluded us. Furthermore, brown lip liner and lipstick/lipgloss combinations, popularly worn by women of color who were once labeled as “ghetto”, have now been appropriated into high fashion circles.

But it’s no surprise that Latinas are beauty trendsetters. 

The Nielsen 2022 Beauty Consumer reports that Latine buying power increased 87% from 2010 to 2020, outpacing non-Latines in U.S. total beauty growth. Despite the rising demand, Latina-owned beauty brands still comprise only a tiny portion of the market. To celebrate and support Latina beauty businesses and consumers who continue to inspire a tradition of women breaking barriers throughout history, we’ve gathered our list of seven must-have lip products to empower each and every occasion. 


Empower Me Lipsticks from TresLúce Beauty

Mexican-American singer Becky G’s new ‘Empower Me’ collection includes six matte lipsticks infused with mango butter, packaged in its recognizable “Talavera blue” lipstick tubes with magnetic caps. The TresLúce Beauty brand encourages you to “step into your power” with a range of lipsticks that can be tailored to fit any mood. Coat on the creamy and intense pigments to leave an unforgettable impression and unleash your inner strength. The best part, you can either order online or run to your nearest Ulta Beauty store to match with all of your best-suiting shades.


Valdé Armor Lipstick from Valdé Beauty

Founded by Peruvian-American beauty designer Margarita Arriagada, Valdé Beauty merges luxury with sculptural designs and timeless lip colors. This lipstick company provides a sophisticated, cutting-edge perspective to the beauty industry with futuristic collections crafted with crystal “armor vessels” and accompanying NFTs for lipstick that can be experienced digitally and physically. The brand’s latest REFLECT collection features opulent story-book packaging for their meticulously designed refillable sleek chrome casings and optional personalized engravings.


Plumping Lip Water from Alamar Cosmetics

For busy women on the move, add an extra pep to your step with the fire and ice-plumping lip waters from Alamar Cosmetics, created by Cuban-American makeup artist Gaby Trujillo. This dynamic duo is formulated with hydrating Jojoba and Argan oils, including the refreshing Agua Fresca and invigorating Agua Ardiente glosses. The cooling and heating temperature changes will help give an instant lip-plump and wake up the senses so you can arrive at your destination feeling fresh and energized.


Happy Hour Lip Gloss by Glamlite Cosmetics

Glamlite Cosmetics, created by Dominican-American beauty founder Giselle Hernandez provides an exquisite campy food-inspired collection to help you celebrate. Their “Happy Hour Lip Set” includes packaging inspired by wine, spirit, and liquor bottles which come in 5 assorted options; Vodka, Irish Creme, Pinot Noir, Whiskey, and Rum. Splash on your choice of glam for an after-work self-loving toast. 


Muy Tinted Lip Balm by Vive Cosmetics

If you feel like keeping things simple and low-key, Vive Cosmetics offers the ideal lip balm. The sheer neutral pink and cherry red tints provide a hint of color while adding ample moisture. Puerto Rican and Mexican-American founders Joanna Rosario-Rocha and Leslie Valdivia formulated the Muy Tinted Lip Balms with vitamin-rich ingredients, which include castor seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and candelilla wax. With cruelty-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free ingredients, you can ease into doing just enough and not too much for smooth lip hydration. 


Ultra Balm by SBJ Esntls

Self-care days are essential for any woman making history. S.B.J. Esntls founder Jessica Monzalvo has built her self-care brand on the fundamental belief that amongst all the many things we do and give back to this world, it’s vital to pour into ourselves too. The Ultra Balm’s nourishing ingredients are enriched with vitamin e, sweet orange, and cooling peppermint fragrances that contain stress-reducing properties which are inspired by Monzalvo’s Mexican roots and ancestral remedies. Additionally, each order includes a signature affirmation notepad– the perfect companion to building your lip care and self-appreciation practices.


Sexy Shine Lip Gloss by PDL Cosmetics

Vamp up your next date-night look with a sultry pout from PDL Cosmetics. Panamanian-American actress and beauty expert Patricia de León’s Sexy Shine Lip Gloss will help to boast an alluring and assured smile. Simply twist their gilded gold dispenser to release an irresistible choice of clear or color gloss for trouble-free application. Thankfully their formula adds a rich luster without annoying stickiness, so you can confidently relish a breeze flowing through your hair when enjoying a romantic evening or a fun-filled night out with friends.