From Selena Quintanilla to Mental Health, Here Are 7 Podcasts to Check Out

Lead Photo: Tejano singer Selena performs at the Astrodome during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Feb. 26, 1995. Photo by John Everett
Tejano singer Selena performs at the Astrodome during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Feb. 26, 1995. Photo by John Everett
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One of the most popular and ever-growing forms of entertainment is the podcast. Hosts can reach their specific audiences with the conversations and topics that they want to hear about. Latine podcasts hosts are taking up space within the podcast world and delivering culturally relevant and uplifting episodes that speak to our experiences on a molecular level.

Whether you want to learn about parenting advice, women of color making change in the world, or the battle for mental health conversations in our communities, there is a Latine-centered podcast just for you.

Also, what could be better than uplifting members of our own communities who are making things geared toward us and our people? From identity to cultural icons, here is a list of podcasts we think your ears will appreciate.


Anything for Selena

Host Maria Garcia was a young girl when Selena Quintanilla was tragically murdered and the death left an indelible mark on her. Now, as an adult, Garcia is diving into what it means to love, mourn, and remember the great Tejano musician that impacted so many of our lives. Garcia travels this path with other Selena fans, and some loved ones, as she explores Selena’s powerful legacy and takes us along for the ride.


Super Mamas

Sisters Bricia Bricia Lopez Maytorena and Paulina Lopez Velazquez are two mamas making moves. Their podcast is something you don’t have to be a mom to appreciate. The hosts have a mix of experts, friends, and each other to talk about all of the things happening in their lives. They do not hold back in talking about everything they are experiencing, from losing toenails to recharging their mental health, which is so important.



If you are looking for an empowering podcast that takes you through politics, culture, and keeping your calma during these wild times, Tamarindo might be for you. Hosts Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino are here to teach you and walk with you as we grow and change with the world around us. Listen as the hosts talk to experts and thinkers as they dissect the world around us.


Yeah No, I’m Not Ok

Diane Guerrero is here to let you know that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. It is a common theme within our community that you shouldn’t let people know when you are struggling, especially with your mental health. There’s a notion within our community that you have to keep it all bottled up to preserve the appearance of your family. However, let Guerrero guide you through reflecting and working through the generational trauma so many of us have buried over the years.


Locatora Radio

Diosa Femme and Mala Muñoz host a feminist talk podcast and it is worth a listen. “Las Mamis of Myth and Bullshit” really go there with their conversations focused on Latine femmes and the intersectionality that goes along with it. The hosts talk openly about mental health, art, politics, and gender expression all from the angle of being unapologetic Latine feminists and owning their full identities.


Identity at Play

The journey to fully embracing Latine identity can be a tricky and emotional one. For some, discovering your full Latine identity is rife with imposter syndrome, cultural contradictions, and life-changing moments. Hosts Leslie Ambriz, Manolo López, and Esteban Gast explore the times they struggled with their own identity and culture as well as the moments when they fully embraced who they are. If you have ever felt the conflict of embracing your full identity, this is a podcast for you.


Bag Ladiez

The Bag Ladiez are two Afro-Dominican women talking about all of the baggage that exists within our collective experience. Cin Pim (Estephanie) and Rafaela Uribe (Lina) don’t shy away from various conversations touching on parts of life that we need to talk about more. The hosts want to help their community, and themselves, grow through being vulnerable and unlocking our authentic and truest selves. Tune in each week and you’ll be treated to conversations ranging from affordable education to owning the term “Latinx.”