7 Times Bianca Jagger Rendered Everyone Else Basic

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Before Rihanna, Dascha Polanco, and Miley Cyrus were known for their quickly-changing, fearless style, there was Bianca Jagger. The Nicoya that made Mick Jagger a husband for the first time started her takeover in the 1970s, beginning with Studio 54. Bianca may be known mostly for her white skirt suit, which she used on her wedding day, but trendsetting is just Bianca’s way of life.

Though this year Bianca denied the legend that she rode into Studio 54 on a horse (she actually just hopped on one that was already there), there are plenty things that she did first. Here are eight times Bianca was the OG:


Knife wielding

In July of this year, Justin Bieber posed with a knife (predating, of course Lindsay Lohan’s knife photos). Bianca was probably like, yeah, w/e I did that 37 years ago. Bieber was photographed for an issue of Interview, while Bianca was posing for a publicity still for The American Success Company.


"Little House on the Prairie' Chic

Florence Welch may have thought she had this look on lock with her love of all things flowy and white, but Bianca one-upped her, years ago.


Dirty Dancing

Baby who?



This was a solid try by Beyonce, buuuut this is Bianca’s look.



Bianca only hangs with legends.


Matching Suits

Bianca and Mick are dressed like this, and it’s not even a red carpet occasion. Step your game up, Brangelina.



Bianca made birds cool before Narcopaloma.