8 Latine Designers & Brands Showcased at New York Fashion Week’s ONxSET Event

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Some of the most exciting Latine designers and brands took the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on Sunday (September 10) as part of ONxSET, the premiere platform focused on promoting Latine talent in the fashion industry.

“Our driving force … stems from our desire to astonish our designers with a positive and comprehensive experience,” said Dennise Carranza, who founded ONxSET in 2019. 

According to Fashion Week Online, “Carranza’s vision revolves around elevating Mexican and Latin American designers, providing them a platform to showcase their unique voices, visions, and creative propositions within the industry.”

This year’s show was no different as designers from across Latin America showcased their style at Rockefeller Center. Here are the four talented Latines and four Latine brands that took the spotlight.



Alersundi is a fashion brand from Tampico, Mexico, highlighted “feathers, transparencies, and a noticeable metallic orientation,” according to Marie Clarie. Founder/owner Alejandra Lersundi has been called “the queen of sequins” with over 15 years of experience in the world of Mexican fashion.

Its previous Mechanical Garden collection featured evening dresses, loose pants, tops, skirts, and tailored suits, in a range of vibrant and metallic colors” with sequins, crystals, and embroidered tulle according to the Fashion Network.


Bala Di Gala

The design firm Bala Di Gala is made by artisans in Mexico with Natalia Félix, Mariana Toussaint, Beca Alvarado, Perla Gómez, and Caro Arroyo at the helm. The latter noted, “For me, being your own muse is being unique and unrepeatable, is to always fight for your dreams.”

These handmade shoes are all leather and, according to the brand, “made to empower, inspire and accompany those who dare to become their own muses.” 


Five Sins

Five Sins, the high-quality leather brand from Mexico, featured many of its custom jackets with metallic studs. NYFW describes the brand as, “Where your style transcends tradition.” And their website notes that they are “a perfect leather jacket is a statement of individuality, style, and timeless elegance. We redefine the standards of leather craftsmanship.”

According to Fashion Week Online, “Five Sins, characterized by classic silhouettes fused with innovative propositions, are Mexican designers who have attained recognition for their high-quality work and collaborations” with celebrities such as internet celebrity Mar de Regil, who is the daughter of Mexican actress Barbara de Regil.


Iann Dey

The brand gave the NYFW audience a glimpse of its version of the future of fashion with its “Ninfa Collection SS24,” which featured haute couture dresses with rhinestones and metallic textures. Founders Iván Gallegos and David Márquez have noted on their website that “a haute couture dress ain’t just a dress, it’s a way to always be remembered.”

Most notably, during London Fashion Week, they presented a collection inspired by the icon Mexican actress María Félix. The collection included designs made with “luxurious textures in vibrant tones of red, black, gold, silver, and clay” according to Eclipse Magazine.


Carlos Pineda

It was all about bright colors and floral prints for Carlos Pineda at NYFW. Like us, Marie Claire especially noted the designer’s silver dress, which the outlet called “a real joy.” Pineda told NYFW: “I am filled with new energy to see the world in a different way, the same world, which changes unexpectedly every day.”

They have been featured on Moda, Vogue, ELLE Mexico, and Vanidades. According to the latter, they had been interested in art and creation since they were young. Pineda said, “I always liked art, I was very interested in painting, drawing, playing with materials.”


Paris Rodriguez

According to Marie Claire, the Colombian designer Paris Rodriguez’ Spring/Summer 2024 collection was “a tribute to her adolescence in Manhattan” featuring “airy dresses.” NYFW describes Rodriguez as someone who “represents all the women who have taken control of their results.”

On her website, she is listed as a businesswoman who has received various awards from the international and local textile industry. She has also worked in Miami, New York, Dubai, Bogota, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. ANd she has two other brands; Bilbao and Mar de Dios.


Benito Santos

The fashion designer Benito Santos from Jalisco, Mexico, showcased his “Rosa Mexicano” collection, which would’ve looked great as part of Barbie’s wardrobe. This is perfect as he designed the Día de Muertos doll for Barbie inspired by La Catrina. NYFW describes Santos’ designs as “elegant and glamorous” and is referenced as one of the most important designers of Mexico and Latin America according to his bio.


Manuel Tiscareño

The Mexican designer Manuel Tiscareño presented the second half of his “Couture Collection” featuring “dream-like” bridal gowns. “We aim to delight and inspire women who seek the ultimate expression of their personal style and celebrate the beauty of their special day with a touch of artistry,” Tiscareno told NYFW.

According to his bio, he is a second-generation bridal wear designer and Creative Director of Tiscareno Bridal Couture. Under his leadership, ” Tiscareno Bridal Couture has achieved international acclaim for creating unforgettable custom designs.”