8 Things To Know About Michelle Salas (Besides Being Luis Miguel’s Daughter)

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Michelle Salas is no ordinary influencer. The Mexican model has over 1.3 million Instagram followers, contracts with top designers like has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and others, and she just happens to be the daughter of “El Sol de México,” Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

Salas is considered Mexican “royalty” not just because of her father, but also because of her mother, actress Stephanie Salas. Stephanie is the granddaughter of actress Sylvia Pasquel and niece of rocker Alejandra Guzmán. That’s one strong and iconic lineage to be a part of, though Salas largely stays away from her family name, as well as her father’s fame.

Salas is open about her lack of a relationship with her famous father, instead she chooses to focus on making her own path to success in fashion. The 31-year-old fashionista has made her way in the fashion world, from intern to model to becoming a designer herself. Get to know the style queen.

She Interned for Carolina Herrera

Salas interned for the iconic Venezuelan designer while she attended the prestigious fashion and design school, Parson’s, in New York City.

She's Walked the Runway for Some of Fashion's Most Iconic Designers

Not only has she walked the runway for designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Carolina Herrera and Tommy Hilfiger, but Salas has also appeared in ads for Michael Kors, Aristocrazy, Pronovias, and Pantene.

She Is a Blogger

Stereotypemess is Salas’ personal, lifestyle blog where she shares not only her latest looks, but where she likes to share things she loves like photography, travel, music and food.

Her Boyfriend Is Seven Years Older Than Her Famous Father

Though the couple has been quiet about their relationship, it was recently confirmed that Alan Faena and Salas are still together–one year after photos of the pair leaked. Salas appears happy, but with her boo being seven years older than her papa, people are talking.

She’s Never in One Place

On her blog, Salas shared that she likes to live in “places that have something different, something more local, not your typical tourist spot.” That explains why she has called cities like Mexico City, Los Angeles, Paris and New York, home.

She Dislikes How Netflix’s Show Made Her Mom Look

The 2018 Netflix series, Luis Miguel: The Series, was made largely with her father overseeing the project, which made Salas speak up about how her father portrayed her mother on the show.

She claims that the show depicts her mother as “a frivolous and alcoholic girl who sabotaged a stable relationship between Luis Miguel and a photographer (Mariana Yazbek), when this never happened in real life and that was not the case.”

She Is the Co-Founder of Brand Milea

Milea is an online avant garde women’s clothing store, which Salas promotes using her social media channels.

She Has a Distant Relationship With Her Dad

According to some vague interviews and reports, about 10 years ago, Luis Miguel attempted to build a relationship with Salas, and for a while, they maintained a distant but non-terrible relationship. But that changed after the Netflix series premiered, with reports of Salas being upset and felt her father disrespected her mother. As of right now, their relationship status is unknown.