Back in the day, Xuxa was the best OOTD inspiration a kid could ask for. Maybe it’s because it was the ‘80s/ ‘90s, so her outlandish clothing choices were par for the course. Or maybe it’s because her outfits were as intricate and dramatic as David Bowie’s in Labyrinth, and as flashy as a modern-day pop star. Even super celebs like Gisele Bündchen wanted to dress like her or be the next best thing, a Paquita. Xuxa even got us to believe that jelly sandals were a must-have, instead of stinky, sweaty feet traps.

These days, Xuxa wears her blonde hair short and dresses like a real adult, but because Xuxa’s old outfits should be in a museum, here are seven of her most outrageous looks:


Her clothes don’t make sense, and she doesn’t care. Respect.


Xenon, Girl of the 21st Century? Kirsten Storm wishes.


She was also the original Blossom.


Could Katy Perry even?


All oversized everything.


This outfit just gets better and better the more you look at it.


The wings made her more aerodynamic. Probably.