If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much as makes una mueca, it’s likely someone will try to use it as a way to question her ability to serve as a Congresswoman. When they’re not unfairly judging her clothes or the nickname she went by during high school (Sandy), they’re trying to use old footage of her dancing as a way to ridicule her. Ahead of being sworn in on Thursday, a video of her and her friends recreating the dance scene from The Breakfast Club. Set to Phoenix’s “Lisztomania,” the nearly 10-year old video is far from embarrassing. Instead, it’s a delightful piece of her past that the internet is really enjoying at the moment.

Right wing Twitter account @AnonymousQ1776 shared the video, which used different music from the original video, on Twitter with the caption, “Here’s is America’s favourite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is.” The account no longer exists.

As the video circulates online, people are praising AOC for everything from her dance moves to her skin to her hair. At the same time, they’re making fun of those who trie to use this video to shame her, and they’re even updating the video by adding their own music. Check out some amazing responses below to AOC’s latest “scandal.”