6 Times GOP Pundit Ana Navarro Tore Donald Trump a New One

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Ana Navarro is easily one of the most refreshing voices of the Republican party, and she’s used her position as CNN contributor to condemn presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at every turn. Less than a month after Trump announced his intent to run for the presidency, she wrote an op-ed on CNN lambasting him for his history of insensitive, erroneous, and racist comments. “Let us please stop pretending Trump suddenly began being outrageous and offensive June 16, 2015, when he declared his candidacy for president,” she wrote. “He has been leading the birther movement against President Obama and frothing at the mouth against immigrants for years. All you have to do is peruse his Twitter feed. He has taken any available platform to wage ad hominem attacks on just about everybody.”

Navarro – a Nicaraguan-born political strategist who immigrated to the United States at age 8 during the Sandinista revolution – is a life-long Republican. Unlike others who have denounced Trump only to stand by him once it meant a higher-ranking position within the party, Navarro is holding firm. This will be the first time she won’t back the GOP nominee, but she refuses to be bullied out of the party that she has long belonged to.

Instead, she uses a combination of humor and facts across different platforms to regularly call out his inconsistencies and highlight why he’s not fit to become the 45th president of the United States. So because it’s Trump’s 70th birthday, we’re looking at six times Navarro spoke the truth and shut him down in the process:


On Trump's criticisms of Judge Gonzalo Curiel:

“He is trying to distract from the fact that he has got a problem with a case where there are allegations that his business is a scam and a fraud. How dare he question a judge’s responsibility, a judge’s adherence to the constitution because he is of Mexican descent? This man was born in East Chicago. He is an American citizen. He’s just as American as Donald Trump.”


On Trump's Latino outreach:


On Trump mocking a disabled reporter:

“When I see Donald Trump mocking somebody with a disability, it makes me think of my brother and all the people like him. I think that it cuts across party lines, because there are so many families in America who love somebody, who live with somebody that’s got a disability… It also makes the case about temperament, and is this man qualified? Does he have the character to unify this country and represent every American, including those with disabilities?”


On Trump ranking No. 1 with Latinos


On how he's destroyed his chances with the Latino community:

“Yes, Latinos need jobs. They need national security. They need health care, but we also need respect. First and foremost, every American in this country needs respect, and if he’s not showing it, if what he’s showing is discrimination, come November, we will remember… I have a friend, a woman who makes six figures. Her 8-year-old daughter named Alexia in Miami, citizens born in the United States, is asking my friend with fear if they are going to have to leave the country if Donald Trump wins. This is happening all over America.”


On his popularity among Latinos: