David Ortiz is in stable condition after being shot on Sunday in the Dominican Republican. While at the Dial nightclub in Santo Domingo, a motorcyclist reportedly shot Big Papi in the back and went through his stomach. After undergoing surgery, he’s in stable condition, according to CNN.

Ortiz was with television host Jhoel López, who was also shot, at the time.

“They were both on their backs,” Liza Blanco, López’s wife said. “It was very fast. He doesn’t remember much because he was also in shock from the bullet wound. But thank God, he is stable.”

Several people were detained in connection with the shooting, though there’s no information on whether any of them are the motorcyclist. Capt. Luis Manuel Pimentel said police had not been able to speak to Big Papi because he was “pretty beat up,” but that officers intend to speak to him soon.

In the last few weeks, the DR has been in the news after a few tourists were murdered while visiting the Caribbean nation. While some have expressed outrage and called for action, many Dominicans have noted that this anger is also necessary when the violence is directed at Dominicans.

As people continue to wait for news about the shooting, many are sending messages of support to Big Papi. Check them out below.


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