Many of us have warned presidential candidates over and over again about the importance of hiring Spanish-speaking staff (and making sure they proofread your tweets), but the helpful advice continues being ignored. On Thursday night, Bill de Blasio – the millionth 23rd Democrat to join the race – released a 26-second video blasting President Donald Trump, but as he tried his hand at a Trumpian insult, Bill ended up using a word that means condom in Spanish.

“Hey ConDon,” Bill said, “I saw your video, and man, you looked really low energy. You were getting your facts wrong because crime actually has gone down in New York City, five years in a row, and our economy is booming. We have the most jobs we’ve ever had in our history, so you obviously aren’t getting your facts straight. And I really think you better rest up, because you’re gonna need it for the election ahead. We’re coming for you.”

Though de Blasio probably wants people to focus on his message, some may not have been able to move past ConDon, or the word that went through Spanish speakers’ minds, condón. Check out a few reactions below.