10 People Getting Their Faces Smashed Into Cake, Because It’s Always Funny When It’s Not You

Lead Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy Kimmel Live
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For many of us, walking around with at least a little bit of cake on our faces on our birthdays isn’t rare. Whether this means that someone rubbed icing on your cheek or pushed your face into a cake, many Latin American and Latino households observe this tradition. The origins of the smashing faces into cake aren’t exactly clear, but it certainly takes exact science not to smash someone’s face over the entire cake’s surface area. Some families come prepared with two birthday cakes, but others just eat around the face-shaped indentation left behind.

Not everyone agrees this tradition should remain, but it’s definitely more enjoyable to be on the spectator side of things. So we scoured the internet and found 10 excellent clips of people getting their faces smashed into cake. And yes, some of them go too far.


The Double Whammy


The Prolonged Mordida


The Gentle Cake Smash


The Boy Who Just Went For It


The Anxious Birthday Girl


The One Who Left a Big Dent


The One That Didn't End Well


The One Who Went Back for More


The Boy Who Tried, But Failed


The One That Will Make You Say 'It Me'