While, as the name suggests, Burger King was all once all about the burgers, it has expanded in many ways since it made its debut in 1953. On Tuesday, the fast food chain revealed that it would expand in an unexpected way; the brand’s moving onto tacos. BK began selling tacos in western states, and on Tuesday, it made them available throughout the country.

“We’ve seen success with tacos in those restaurants and knew it was time to bring this west coast favorite nationwide” Chris Finazzo, president of North America for Burger King, said in a statement, according to CNN.

The tacos will be available for a limited time and will cost $1 in most restaurants. They will be more expensive in Alaska and Hawaii. Eater reports that the menu item contains lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ground beef, and a savory “taco sauce,” which are stuffed into a crunchy tortilla.

While we have yet to try them (we only just found out they existed), so we’ll let the internet fill you in on whether you should try them. Below, check out some reactions and reviews.






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