As the protests calling for Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation continue, we’ve seen some outstanding moments: Bad Bunny waving his flag with so much vigor that it detached from the pole it was on or Kefrén Velasquez doing whatever is necessary – in his case, both riding a motorcycle and a horse – to get the story. And now, we have #CacerolaGirl. Yet to be identified, Cacerola Girl went viral for banging a pot at police officers.

Since the protests began – sparked by the leak of a trove of texts, where Rosselló insulted just about every group on the island – police have used tear gas on protesters on more than one occasion. Just on Monday night, police used tear gas to disperse thousands gathered in San Juan. So to stand up to cops in such an assertive way has earned Cacerola Girl the respect of many. Below, check out reactions to her pot banging