When the 2018 Met Gala theme – Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination – was revealed, we already knew the unofficial queen of the ball, aka Rihanna, would come ready. As expected, Rih was one of the most on-brand celebrities with her pope look. But Cardi B – who came to her first Met Gala on Monday – also dressed to impress. Back in February during New York Fashion Week, the Trini-Dominican rapper sat beside Anna Wintour – the person who has the ultimate say on who gets to attend the event – and charmed her. And while we were hoping their meet-up would result in Cardi nabbing a Vogue cover (and quite frankly, we still have our fingers crossed), we’re happy that she ended up on the Met Gala guest list.

Below, check out everything she did at one of fashion’s biggest nights.


She wore Moschino and matched with designer Jeremy Scott.


Cardi wore a beautiful, pearl-adorned Moschino dress designed by Jeremy Scott. The designer also wore the suit version of her dress. On Instagram, she said the dress fit her style and personality.


She lugged around 30 pounds.

Cardi’s dress weighed 30 pounds, so she said she was “huffing and puffing” everywhere. She also explained that her baby was craving ice ream.


She wore a face full of Marc Jacobs Beauty products.


Cardi B’s flawless beauty look is mostly a result of Marc Jacobs Beauty. However, her makeup artist, Erika La’Pearl opted for an about $7 pair of eyelashes by Kiss, according to Allure.


She doled out the compliments.

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liza had to be crapping herself here

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In an interview, Cardi told Liza Koshy that they looked alike and proceeded to call her beautiful.


She got affectionate with Offset.

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#CardiB and #Offset boo’d up at #metgala

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The two didn’t walk the red carpet together, but were spotted together later during the evening.

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She okkuuur'd with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner.


Cardi B spoke to Nicki Minaj.

While Jeremy Scott is one of the only people to have heard what they conversed about, a picture of Cardi and Nicki interacting has led people to believe that their beef is over.


She hung out with Katy Perry at the after party.