Here’s Why Mexicans Are Flooding Celebrities’ DMs With “Ontas?”

Lead Photo: Photo by Maskot / Getty
Photo by Maskot / Getty
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For many of us, especially in the United States, “WYA” is recognized as the official go-to of exes, situationships, and fuckboys looking to hook up. And while you may not be as familiar with it, Mexicans have a similarly concise way of inviting someone to a dick appointment, and it’s currently taking over the internet.

“Ontas,” a shortened version of “¿dónde estás?” or “¿dónde andas?” is Mexico’s version of WYA. But recently, it’s made its way from Mexican Twitter to general Twitter because people are sending their celebrity crushes messages that simply read “ontas.”

Erizos attributes the beginning of this trend to Alex Ruiz, who supposedly kicked things off by messaging a confused Lily Collins. Regardless, people are now sliding into their faves’ DMS and posing the question.

As the meme gets bigger, some are expressing their confusion, others are sharing their successes and failures, and still others are, of course, making jokes. Check out a few reactions below.

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