7 Central American-Owned Shops to Support

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Overwhelmingly, Central American is portrayed as a place of violence and instability. And while it’s true that gangs, environmental factors and the United States’ interventionism have hurt the isthmus, there’s more to this area than this one narrative.

One way to combat such a limiting, one-note portrayal is to follow and support Central American creators who show us the beauty of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama through their work. Below, check out seven online shops doing just that.


Sonia Lazo

Via Sonia Lazo’s Etsy shop

Known for her colorful and whimsical illustrations, Salvadoran artist Sonia Lazo’s shop is filled with fun pieces – whether that be prints, collars or pins.

Shop here.


The Garifuna Market

Via The Garifuna Market

The Garifuna community is spread across Central America, so this shop represents both the group’s Latin American heritage as well as its African roots.

Shop here.



Via Tiboruncitx

This shop dabbles in illustrations of Nicaraguan cuisine, like this adorable mamoncillo print.

Shop here.


Dora Cuenca

Via Dora Cuenca

If you can’t get enough of nature, this shop is for you.

Shop here.


Loquita Bath and Body

Loquita Bath and Body offers a range of products to make you feel relaxed and clean.

Shop here.


Mariery Young

Via Mariery Young

Mariery Young’s art is all about color.

Shop here.



Cariel Castillo creates colors inspired by Belize, much like these flag-inspired coasters.

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