Cheesy Spanish-Language Commercials You Definitely Still Remember

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Since DVR and online streaming sites like Netflix have risen to prominence, commercial-watching just isn’t what it used to be. One time in my third grade class (shoutout to Shenandoah Elementary), everyone sang a jingle about a Miami-based mattress company as it played on TV, and it was as ridiculous as you can imagine.

And though there have been plenty of other jingles and commercials to captivate 90s kids, they can hardly compare to the wild mix that Latino kids were exposed to.

From the musical to the insane, here are seven commercials that wormed their way into Latinos’s heads:



English-language TV featured Mr. T and Carrot Top peddling cheap collect calls. Though I vaguely remember those commercials, the Spanish-language versions are fresh in my memory. Literally, 1-800-226-2727 is one of the ten numbers I actually know by heart.

And I’m not the only one. When discussing it with the rest of the editorial estaff one day, they all sang the jingle along with me even though half of them didn’t remember why they knew it.



Cooking oil brand Mazola may not use this slogan anymore, but back in the day, Con Mazola No Estas Sola was their thing. Even this teen boy recreated the video with a bottle of Crisco.



Like Saul Goodman, Jose A. Ginarte has become well-known for his cheesy commercials. And regardless of what his shtick is, the ? Ginarte ? is always present.


Optimum Triple Play

Cumbia rap, mermaids, pirates. This Optimum Triple Play commercial had it all and was just trying to charge New Yorkers $29.95 to have it.


Walter Mercado

If anyone is wondering how Walter Mercado ended up Latinos’ favorite spiritual advisor, the answer is ⬆️. Psychic hotlines were nothing new, and though Miss Cleo kind of dominated the 90s, she couldn’t hold a candle to Walter.


Ingles Sin Barreras

This was basically the most boring commercial on TV (to me), but I could never forget Ingles Sin Barreras, because it was always on.


Concha Nacar

According to this commercial, Concha Nacar can cure your skin of pretty much anything that ails it: spots, scars, acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, blackheads, etc. That’s probably why it had all our abuelas ordering it over the phone thinking they were going to shave 20 years off their face. It promises to be more than just a beauty cream, but to be clear, this is just a beauty cream.


Equipo Atlas and Joel Atlas Skirble

Posted by Abogado Joel Atlas Skirble – Equipo Atlas, Maryland on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Joel Atlas Skirble’s catchphrase (“Yo hablo TU idioma!”) is seared into our minds forever. For 45 years, he advertised his law firm to the Latino community, until his passing this September.