Clueless Actress Stacy Dash Is Running for Congress & Twitter is Dragging Her to High Heaven

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More than a week ago, Stacey Dash – the actress-turned-conservative political commentator – said she was considering running for Congress “in response to numerous calls for me to run for office.” But after asking the internet to weigh in and receiving an emphatic “hell no” from many, she has still decided to toss her hat into the ring. On Monday, she filed paperwork, making a run for California’s 44th Congressional District official. If she won, she’d represent Compton, Watts, San pedro, and North Long Beach and would become the first Republican to represent the area since 2012. The number of registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 61 to 10 percent.

But with Dash frequently saying uninformed and odious comments about communities of color – including her statement that Black History Month isn’t necessary – many are letting her know that she doesn’t stand a chance. Between pointing out that she doesn’t have the experience nor the community’s best interests at heart, here’s how people have responded to Dash’s announcement.