Some Curly Bangs Inspo in Case You, Too, Are Scissor-Happy Right Now

Lead Photo: Yaya DaCosta (and rest of cast) speak onstage during NBC's 'Chicago Med' panel discussion at the NBCUniversal portion of the 2015 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 13, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images
Yaya DaCosta (and rest of cast) speak onstage during NBC's 'Chicago Med' panel discussion at the NBCUniversal portion of the 2015 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 13, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images
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In 2019, the beauty world openly embraced the volume and bounce created by the fringe of hair hanging over the forehead and much to the internet’s dismay declared it the year of the curly bangs.

In pop culture, bangs have traditionally symbolized the stress and life crises that lead to a “mental breakdown” or the result of a curious five-year-olds scissor-happy moment—ultimately creating a trope that rejects both the look and the desire to get it.

In light of the fact that most of the country is quarantined or practicing social distancing, many folks on social media posts are warning women not to go that route. Still, cutting bangs out of boredom has become one of the many trends that have emerged in the past month.

However, the truth of the matter is that naturalistas have normalized—and most importantly slayed—curly bangs for years thanks to trendsetters in the natural hair movement who were made to feel their hair texture was unaccepted in beauty. This raised generations of women who embrace their natural locks and stray away from straight hair.

Curly bangs allow the fro to have a fresh style and, when done correctly, it’s a fun way to switch up your look. Here are seven looks that squash the internet’s claim that it’s “uncool” to get bangs and will perhaps inspire you to perhaps pick up a pair of scissors yourself:

Carolina Contreras


When social entrepreneur and activist Contreras isn’t managing her natural hair salons or combating hair texture discrimination, she is rocking one of the many popular natural hair cuts: the fringe and fro.

Gabrielle Santana

The Puerto Rican blogger is not only known for her long and voluminous locks but also as the curl muse that shares tips and advice for hair care specifically for highlighting the ups and downs of one’s natural hair journey. 

Bianca Alexa

Bilingual vlogger Alexa rocks the ‘sunflower cut’ which adds a lot of shorter layers to the top area and gives curls the liberty to move freely and not weigh each other down.


Melaner won the hearts of many viewers when she appeared as a contestant on Univision’s “La Reina De La Cancion.” The glam updo she has here is a perfect go-to for an event, night out or FT/Zoom date.

Julissa Prado

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Is it a wig OR is it @RizosCurls ? #QuarantineWashDay

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Golden blond pops on Julissa Prado, founder and CEO of the natural hair brand Rizos Curls

Yaya Dacosta

Afro-Brazilian actress and model Yaya Dacosta rocks a round shape with loose fringes on the forehead here. This style is perfect for all hair types and sets. 

Elizabeth Acevedo

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New author pics are so exciting! Neither one of these are the shot I chose for the forthcoming novel, but I love them sooo much I wanted to give folks a sneak peak. Shoutout to an all Black and Latinx creative team that worked with me as I tried to find the right direction for the books, and the most authentic photographic representation of me and my work. More & more I am working to be incredibly intentional about what it means to bring my most liberated self and rooted creative vision to everything I do. Side note: Photoshoots are rough. I never feel as comfortable in my body as I’d like. I rarely fit the sample sizes. My face doesn’t always work to emit gravitas but also playfulness. And especially when the image will be used in a book it feels like I’m making a life commitment when I take an author photo. When we first conceived this shoot, I told @iojofx I wanted classic pictures that could work forty years from now. I’m so glad she pushed me to consider that author photos aren’t only about capturing a pretty self, but also a self in process. And I do mean “process.” Progress makes it seem like my body and its depiction has an ultimate goal, when what I really want to lean into is that a body is always in flux. We are none of us stagnant; immortalized in amber. Creative director: @iojofx Photographer: @denzelgolatt Makeup: @jaleesajaikaran Nails: @amivnails Cut & Color: @_thehairsaint_ Jewelry: @khiryofficial

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The Black Dominican poet from Harlem and author of books like The Poet X and With the Fire on High opts for the highlighted fringe here, creating a flawless look.