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De Mí, Pa’ Ti Guide: 7 Gift Ideas for Cozy Vibes

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Navidad is a time for parties and sparkling outfits, and it’s also a time to curl up in warm, holiday pajamas, while sipping on a cup of Mexican hot chocolate. There’s nothing quite like a gift that doubles as a reason to do the latter, and as a reminder that it’s OK to rest. From dancing to the sounds of legendary Selena in your “Make Jefa Moves” socks, to throw pillows that’ll make any space comfier, to horchata candles that smell like home, cozy vibes are a priority this holiday season.

Below, we’ve put together a list of products that feel like an invitation to relax and stay warm. Here are seven gift ideas perfect for the mamá that never knows when to take a moment for herself, the older sibling who is always giving instructions, and the prima who insists relaxation isn’t for her.


Siete Mexican Wedding Cookies

Some foods are truly comforting, and Mexican wedding cookies are no exception; they’re a staple that’s been passed down through generations. “Made from a blend of almond flour, pecans, powdered sugar, and cinnamon,” the Siete Mexican Wedding Cookies are grain-free and dairy-free – truly made for all to enjoy, especially during the holidays.

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Oh Comadre Candles - Horchata

There’s something about candles that brings warmth and relaxation, and these horchata candles also bring the taste of home to the holidays. The classic drink scent is made of “sugar, cinnamon with sweet and creamy accords of vanilla,” evoking both “comfort and excitement.” Perfect to transform any space in the home into a hideaway from the pestering tias.

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"Christmas Calories No Cuentan" Crewneck Sweater

The message might be a lie, but it’s such a good lie we want to believe in – and wear – this holiday season. “Made from soft and comfortable material, this sweatshirt is perfect for casual wear and streetwear.” Give the gift of reminding yourself and others to go easy on yourself this Navidad. You are not the calories you consume during the holidays!

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Bolitas

You can’t have cozy gifts without hot chocolate. And these “hand molded bolitas in an artisan hand woven palm leaf basket” make for the perfect gifts, both for the kids and adults in the familia. And what’s even better, they can be “enjoyed as candy or dissolved to make hot chocolate.” But let’s not kid anyone, hot chocolate is really the way to go when it’s Nochebuena.

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Selena - 'ONES' (Target Exclusive, Vinyl)

The perfect cozy mood requires the right music. This limited-edition vinyl of Selena’s compilation album, ONES, features six #1 singles – that feels like a taste of home and a tribute all in one. It features a medley mashup of “Amor Prohibido,” “Como La Flor” and “Si Una Vez,” remixed by her brother, A.B. Quintanilla, retitled “Con Tanto Amor Medley.” It’s the perfect soundtrack for the whole familia to dance to or to daydream to solo.

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"Make Jefa Moves" Socks

Cozy requires socks. Those are just the rules. And these “Make Jefa Moves” socks are destined to take your sneaker game to the next level. You can wear the warmth indoors or outdoors, with pajamas or shorts.They’re perfect for anyone in the familia who isn’t afraid to show who’s boss.

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"Reina de la Tierra" Throw Pillow

The throw pillow is another staple of the cozy aesthetic, and this “Reina de la Tierra” throw pillow is perfect for not just your abuelita, but your older tías. It’s got the Virgen de Guadalupe on it! According to the brand, the pillow is “inspired by our madre nature, sun crops and our beloved tierra, this beautiful collection’s color schemes are mother earth colors and are very minimal.”

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